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No. Each and every member can only book once for that specific class. Each member has his/her own personal account.

No, this can’t be done… But don’t worry, all our class credits have a long expiry and vary from one package to the other. We understand that people travel, or can stop training for an indefinite amount of time and for various reasons. You can contact us whenever you’re up to it again 🙂

For most of our sessions you would only need a towel and hydration, and a yoga mat in the case of a yoga session. Please be at the location at least 10/15 minutes before the start of session, especially if it’s your first time with us, so that you can have a chat with your coach if you have any injuries or questions.

All sessions are held in our state of the art fitness centre at Bulebel Zejtun (Click on our Location) . Our versatile studio caters for a variety of different classes, is fully air conditioned and parking is definitely not an issue.

We cater for different levels of fitness, different strengths, different ages and different backgrounds. No one started the journey being fit…or having experience. No one will judge you. You are only in competition with yourself. You can join any class you desire, focus on correct form at first, then speed and endurance will build up gradually. We’re there to help you, and cater for you with exercise variations in case some seem really tough 🙂

Contact us via email ( / or through our Facebook page, or Whatsapp us on +35679708000 and we’ll get back to you asap. If we take some time it’s either because we’re doing a class or we’re out on our bicycles!!! 😊

You can cancel a class booking from your app up to 3hrs before the class starts. This will incur no charge and that class/credits will be refunded automatically into your account. (the invite to download the app will be sent to you by email once you send the payment on 99236056 by Revolut). 

In case of a no show or late cancellation (of less than 3hrs before class starts), the class will be deducted from your package balance.

If for any reason the class has to be cancelled, you’ll be notified by email/your coach, and your class/credit will be refunded into your account.

let’s get physical


Location: Bulebel
Duration: 60mins
Intensity: ALL LEVELS

'You will be using a variety of equipment, but don't worry, clear instructions and visuals on the screen will help beginners to get quickly used to the circuit system, whilst will aid the regulars to focus on better transition, speed and hence stamina. It doesn’t take a lot of time (it's a powerful workout in a short amount of time). It improves cardiovascular fitness. It trains the entire body. It can be done with both body weight or with a lot of equipment that you’ll find in our amazingly equipped studio.Want to know a few more targets of this training system:

Helps lower blood pressure and cholesterol

It’s good for all age groups

It improves anaerobic fitness

Definitely helps weight loss. It's a fat burner workout

It’s ideal for all experience levels (fitness freaks to complete newbies)


Location: Bulebel
Duration: 60mins
Intensity: ALL LEVELS

Sometimes it’s HIIT, others it’s a CIRCUIT. It’s a surprise, but rest assured you’ll sweat it out in both training regimes.

Circuit training is performing a series of exercises in a rotation formation. Exercise stations are set in a way that minimal rest is required, as you're constantly switching from one muscle group to another. Hence, your 1hr session time-on-task is fully maximized. . Coach Manuel (co-founder & director at PEAK) has perfected such workouts for over 23+ years, so rest assured that results are guaranteed. With years of experience in the field, he will maximise your time on task to reap your potential in your 60min grind.

This class is a total body, heart pumping, aerobic and strength conditioning workout. This interval-based class combines full-body strength training with high intensity cardio bursts designed to tone, improve endurance & clear your mind in a busy day! Ready for a challenge? High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT for short) is the fastest way to burn fat and get the lean and ripped look. You will give all-out, 100% effort through quick, intense bursts of exercise, followed by short active recovery periods.

Hiit & Circuit workouts build cardio fitness while improving strength, building lean muscle and maximizing calorie burn during and after the workout. Those who want to be all rounders in their fitness, knowing that whatever physical challenge they meet, their body is capable & trained to tackle it.

FITNESS RACING Functional Training

Location: Bulebel
Duration: 60mins
Intensity: ALL LEVELS

''HYROX' (all rights reserved) is a global fitness competition and training concept that combines functional fitness exercises with endurance challenges. It was created in 2017 by Christian Toetzke and Felix Eitner with the aim of bringing together athletes from various disciplines and fitness levels. These events take place in large arenas and consist of eight workout stations, with intermittent 8x1km runs, including skierg & rowing, sled pushing & pulling, broad jump burpees, farmer & lunge walking weight carries and wall balls. This is our generic session, which caters for everyone. If you want to get race ready for a specific event, you may want to join our Saturday afternoon ‘SPECIFIC PACKAGE for Fitness Racing. (message/whatsapp us on 79708000 to know more about this)

Participating in a 'HYROX' event offers an unparalleled fitness experience that pushes your physical and mental boundaries. Each event is divided into different divisions and age categories, allowing everyone to compete against their peers. Whether you're a seasoned athlete or a fitness enthusiast, this type of training offers a challenging but inclusive environment where you can test your limits, track your progress, and have a blast.


Location: Bulebel
Duration: 60mins
Intensity: ALL LEVELS

Targeting mostly ‘FULL BODY’ workouts, which involve mainly cardiovascular/muscular endurance exercises, keeping in mind that sessions will vary from one to another, each time with a different approach/technique (eg. boxfit / specific sport techniques / endurance focused / strength focused etc..) and strategies to utilise… By the way, did you know that building more muscle mass boosts your resting metabolism, which makes your body burn more calories? (even whilst sleeping!) Not to mention the power you'll build to train even harder & more efficiently. ‘Metabolic Mayhem’ will also cater for this and enhancing this. It's a huge myth that you don't burn a lot of calories in strength workouts. Trust us... Targeted for the versatile athlete, the all rounder, that type of fitness which truly powers you up.


Location: Bulebel
Duration: 50mins
Intensity: ALL LEVELS

Starting the day on the right foot is important. Starting it with some exercise is better. In ‘Tabatas & AMRAPS’ we will focus on getting our engines started with movements to help us improve our mobility and strength using dumbbells, kettlebells, our own bodyweight and any other ‘TOYS!!’ that our versatile and well equipped fitness studio can offer. Exercising under timed workouts gives you the opportunity to set your own pace, giving you the opportunity to let you work on what you feel is important. You can go slow but work on strength or light and focus on your cardio and calorie burn. Let’s get strong together helping each other during the workouts and start the day feeling energised and ready to take on the day with a smile! Targeted for beginners and intermediate level practitioners but also suitable for any advanced athletes who would like to push hard and get their workout done early.


Location: Bulebel
Duration: 60mins
Intensity: ALL LEVELS

‘Piloxing’ is an interval workout that blends multiple intervals of Boxing, Standing Pilates and Strength training into a single workout.

It will increase your endurance with heart-pumping, powerful boxing combinations, build lean muscle and improve your balance and core using Pilates-influenced movements. In classes you may wear weighted gloves to add extra resistance.

This class is targeted for people of differing fitness levels, from beginners to experienced athletes, and everyone will get a good, challenging workout.


Location: Bulebel
Duration: 60 mins
Intensity: All Levels

'The first requisite of happiness is a healthy body. Not only is health a normal condition, but it is our duty to attain it and then maintain it'- J. Pilates

Are you looking to start your fitness journey with a low-impact, yet highly effective total body workout? Do you suffer from recurrent sports injuries or body aches and pains? Then our Pilates sessions may be just the ticket for you! Peak Pilates classes are based on the original 34 mat work exercises developed by Joseph Pilates in the 1920s. Each class is guaranteed to be different through variations of these exercises, together with HIIT pilates sessions and fun challenges using resistance bands and free weights. Pilates sculpts a long, lean and graceful body by strengthening the core and by restoring body alignment, stability, coordination and flexibility. We will bring the eight principles of Pilates together through a precise flow of full-body movements, whilst inhaling, exhaling and connecting our mind to our body. Join our coach Steph, family doctor by profession, but also an avid athlete by passion, to regenerate, rehabilitate and prevent problems…enough said!

Targeted for those who want to improve their athletic performance and build a strong core. Rehabilitation and prevention of injuries. Elevating and energizing the mind and spirit.

The Booty Camp

Location: Bulebel
Duration: 60mins
Intensity: ALL LEVELS

Are you ready for a booty heavy workout? Sculpt, tone and tighten those buns in this high-energy booty-building class. Booty Camp is a medium weight, high intensity training class focusing on the legs and especialy glutes to keep your booty in-check all year round. Bring your runners and a towel and get ready to sweat! 🍑🍑

YOGA (by Louise)

Location: Bulebel
Duration: 75mins
Intensity: All Levels

The true essence of yoga goes way beyond the physical "postures." This is only a small part of what yoga truly is. It is a way of life, a connection to the divine, to nature, and most importantly to ourselves. It is a journey that essentially brings us back to ourselves, to wholeness. This Vinyasa style class, however, does focus on the physical practice and is the perfect balance between dynamic flow to help build heat, static postures to help ground and build strength plus calming stretches to gain flexibility. Ending with deep relaxation to integrate everything and allow the body to restore and absorb the benefits of the practice.

With consistency, you will notice more internal balance, peace and harmony which will also help how you handle and react to different situations in your life. An enjoyable class is suitable for all levels, including complete beginners up to intermediate or advanced yogis. Targeted for those who enjoy physical practice but also gain clarity, focus, and a connection to themselves.


Location: Bulebel
Duration: 50mins
Intensity: ALL LEVELS

Dive into our inclusive fitness classes, targeted for all levels, with a dedicated emphasis on proper form and technique, paired with an uplifting vibe. Jurgen will lead through an invigorating fusion of functional movements, energizing bodyweight exercises, and targeted core conditioning routines. Experience the excitement of group circuit training and Tabata-style workouts, elevating your strength and agility in every session!


Location: Bulebel
Duration: 50mins
Intensity: ALL LEVELS

Gear up for an electrifying fitness experience with our "Rush Hour" class! Targeted to all fitness levels and designed to fit seamlessly into your busy schedule, this high-energy session packs a punch to kickstart your day . Expect a fast-paced fusion of cardio, strength, and endurance exercises, strategically curated to maximize your calorie burn and leave you feeling exhilarated. Whether you're sprinting or powering through dynamic drills, "Rush Hour" guarantees an intense yet invigorating workout that will propel you towards your fitness goals. Join us and make every hour count!


Location: Bulebel
Duration: 50mins
Intensity: ALL LEVELS

The ‘Shred & Sculpt’ class combines full-body strength training with targeted exercises to build muscle, burn calories, and leave you feeling energized. This class incorporates variety of equipment, such as dumbbells, kettlebells, etc as well as bodyweight exercises, and cardio bursts to keep you challenged and engaged.

This class offers a welcoming space and targeted at everyone who wants to enhance their muscle power, metabolic rate, posture, and confidence, regardless of their level or starting point on their fitness journey.


Location: Bulebel
Duration: 50mins
Intensity: ALL LEVELS

Intense Ignite class is an energizing and challenging workout that combines cardio exercises with strength training intervals. The goal is to ignite your metabolism and push your limits through dynamic movements, fostering both cardiovascular fitness and muscle engagement for a powerful and invigorating fitness session and experience, leaving your body energised for the rest of the day.

MID Week Booster

Location: Bulebel
Duration: 50mins
Intensity: ALL LEVELS

It’s Wednesday, it’s time for a mid week shot of energy! This ALL INCLUSIVE session is one of our favourite sessions. It caters for all the main components of fitness. We're always striving to reach our Peak of fitness after all, aren't we!? Cardiovascular endurance, muscular strength & endurance, flexibility, agility & coordination. You will have them all in the menu of coach Caroline’s (Co-founder and director at PEAK) signature session. The 'Peak of fitness' par excellence. Undoubtedly, a session targeted for everyone, every age and athletic ability. Caroline will push the fitness freaks and take care of the newbies. All this comes from years of experience… Trust her.


Location: Bulebel
Duration: 60mins
Intensity: ALL LEVELS

If we at Peak Fitness Malta had to choose that one session not to be lost, this is the one. We believe so much in a fully mobile body and sound range of motion. If you’re a fitness freak, or you’re a seasoned athlete coming from any specific discipline, or just have a sedentary job, this session is a gift to your body you cant miss…

With a lot of physical training as well as hours of sitting at a desk comes a lot of stiffness, tension, and soreness. This causes blockages throughout the body and inhibits us from being able to reach our full potential.

We tend to hold stress and tension in our hips, shoulders, and necks, which can also travel to the lower back and legs. This class will focus on and target "problem" areas of tension and help to open these areas up with a series of stretches and movements to release and break through these blockages. With consistency, you will notice improvement in your flexibility and even your breath, which will, in turn, allow the body to dig deeper into physical training and of course feeling more mobile in general. Not to mention that without proper focus and work on flexibility, you’ll loose your range of motion throughout the years!!!

Remember that a body with optimal range of motion is a powerful body - physics! What are you waiting for to book for this session?!! 😊

HYBRID Training

Location: Bulebel
Duration: 60mins
Intensity: ALL LEVELS

Hybrid training - a session with a training concept revolving around CROSSFIT, HYROX & DEKA. Hybrid training is becoming increasingly popular as it allows individuals to tailor their workouts to their specific needs, blending elements like strength training, functional fitness, cardio, and endurance. This approach doesn’t concentrate on one specific body part or fitness component but aims to create a well-rounded athletic ability. One may consider hybrid training the 'best of both worlds' when it comes to body composition and re-composition. In fact, one study concluded over a six-week period that strength and endurance training resulted in positive changes in terms of reduction in body fat and an increase in the participants' muscle mass.


Location: Bulebel
Duration: 60mins
Intensity: ALL LEVELS

Tai Chi classes provide the perfect opportunity if you are seeking an activity that combines relaxation with a subtle challenge. Imagine gentle, flowing movements that improve your balance and coordination while expert instruction guides you towards proper body posture. This focus on form isn't just about aesthetics; it ensures you move efficiently, minimizing strain and maximizing benefits.

Tai Chi goes beyond the physical. As you practice these mindful movements, you'll gain valuable insights into your body's internal energy flow. Through focused breathing and deliberate postures, you'll cultivate a sense of calm and centeredness that extends far beyond the class. Conrad's classes provide a focused yet tranquil environment, allowing you to refine your practice and discover a deep sense of inner peace. Join us and experience the transformative power of Tai Chi.

FITNESS RACING Functional Training
('Get Race ready’ specific package)

Location: Bulebel
Duration: 90mins
Intensity: ALL LEVELS

'This session isn’t bookable from the app like all our other sessions. Instead, it’s in the form of a package of sessions which gets you ‘race ready’ for a specific date/’Hyrox’ (all rights reserved) event. Every now and then throughout the year our community chooses a specific date and event and we train for it as a group to get ‘race ready’ and specifically ‘peak’ for the event’s date.

Contact us on 7978000 for more info on when it’s going to be our next FITNESS RACING FUNCTIONAL TRAINING PACKAGE, and book your spot if interested… These packages sell out in a matter of hrs, since we keep our available spots to the minimum to keep quality of training and personal attention to the highest levels. (If you more info on what a ‘HYROX’ (all rights reserved) event is, click on our ‘Fitness Racing’ generic class description).

Caroline Zammit

I am an event planner by profession but have been involved in different sports for quite a number of years.

Starting through a passion for swimming and triathlon I quickly realized that core training and muscle strengthening is an absolute must, not only to avoid injuries and achieve better sporting results but also to improve general fitness and well being.

As a qualified gym instructor I started working part time at a gym in Cospicua and quickly expanded to include giving training sessions at Inspire including swimming lessons and spinning (indoor bike classes). For the past five years I have been giving indoor HIIT sessions and Spin Bike sessions at Gymnasia in Paola. Through the multisport club Agones sFC  (of which I am committee member) I have also given outdoor training sessions set to improve core training and sporting prowess.

Apart from ultra running, long distance triathlons, open sea swims and other sporting achievements I am mostly proud of participating in the ALIVE Challenge, an annual cycling challenge to raise funds for cancer research for the past three years.

For us women exercise can sometimes be marketed as something to do to become slimmer, more toned, sexier. My belief is that exercise must be a celebration of what our bodies can do and not a punishment for what we eat. We train to become stronger, to cope with life’s demands better, to be better at lifting ….be it weights, spirits and indeed smiles 😊

I do realise that  many people simply do not have as much time to dedicate to training as they would like. Our HIIT sessions will help you reach your optimum fitness level without having to spend hours every day at the gym. Effective training together with our stretching sessions will be the way to may you fitter, stronger and healthier.


Manuel is an experienced professional in sports, fitness and physical education.  His success in fitness was hard earned as he was initially an out of shape 105kg 18 year old. He discovered sports and fitness at University and since then this has become part of his identity and daily way of life.

Manuel graduated with a Bachelor in Education with first class Honours in Physical Education. He practised as a P.E. teacher in various schools for 12 years. Alongside this post, Manuel expanded his skillset and undertook further endeavours in various areas in the sports realm. He was a Coach with the Malta Sports Council, he’s a certified Belay High Ropes Master Instructor and has also worked in creative team-building events. Manuel has an in-depth experience of fitness and training, having been in the field for over 20 years. This included working in various Gyms and Fitness Centres, his most recent post being that of Chief Fitness Consultant at a local high-end gym.

His journey in sports included training in canoe-racing, squash, rugby, scuba diving, judo, kickboxing, obstacle course races, endurance cycling, cycling challenges and weight-training. Manuel’s personal creed is that for one to be completely fit, s/he needs to be an all-rounder, hence performing in all the components of fitness.

As a fitness instructor, Manuel specialises in strength-training, circuit and high intensity training as a comprehensive physical training regime. Over the course of 19 years, he has developed his own signature style of hard core fitness classes that work as an all-inclusive, intense body workout. Manuel’s classes are focused to maximising time-on-task and he is also known to have a great tenacity at pushing clients during sessions but also delivering the motivation needed.

Manuel’s philosophy is grounded in a holistic approach; combining a healthy lifestyle and organic nutrition with the physical and psychological benefits of exercise. This is the road to ‘a healthy mind in a healthy body’. Manuel enjoys working with people in a creative and individualised approach to motivate them to initiate, pursue and advance their optimum physical fitness. He strongly believes that exercise and discipline go hand-in-hand and thus drives people to get out of their comfort zone and take up physical fitness with a good measure of perseverance. 

When he’s not cycling, swimming, training or giving fitness classes, Manuel enjoys spending time with his wife Pauline, twin boys Bengi & Leli and his ‘sufijja’ Luna. His definition of unwinding is, enjoying a good cappuccino with friends or planning a good overland trip on his bike.


Stephanie is a Doctor of Medicine and Surgery, a Specialist in Family Medicine and currently works at Primary Health Care as a GP in Malta. She believes that preventive medicine is key to promote a healthy life, as this minimises physical and mental illness.

Stephanie is a medical doctor by profession and a holistic health and fitness enthusiast.

Her fitness journey began at the tender age of three, when she started training in classical dance with the Royal Academy of Dance (UK). She has been successful in all graded examinations and completed her training at the vocational level of Advanced Foundation. Over the years, she has attended numerous Pilates, yoga and HIIT gym classes. She has found a passion for weight training, obstacle course races and long-distance running in road races. She has successfully completed a Pilates teaching Diploma and is a certified Diet and Nutrition coach. Apart from that she’s also a qualified fitness instructor and circuit training course with the internationally recognised European Personal Training Institute.

Maintaining a good work-life balance is a struggle for everyone. However, reducing life’s daily stresses by taking care of our bodies through healthy eating and an active lifestyle is essential. Moreover, she strongly believes that taking care of our bodies also means taking the time to rest and recover from repeat stress injuries, by focusing on strengthening target muscle groups. In addition to this, she has found that the psychological benefits and self-confidence reaped from physical exercise and a balanced diet are remarkable.

It is often daunting to embark on a fitness journey, reach a fitness goal and even more so, to remain motivated. Stephanie is committed to help others find their reason to exercise, persevere and learn how to maximise their potential in all aspects of life. She is committed to include individuals of all fitness levels in her classes. Lastly, she believes that good sportsmanship builds solid values of resilience, teamwork, character, respect, discipline, and kindness towards others.

When Stephanie is not at work or training, she enjoys spending time with her husband, family and friends, playing the piano, and reading. She is an animal lover and has two cats who mean the world to her.

Kyle Mizzi

Kyle Mizzi graduated in Sports, Coaching & Nutrition, having already 6 years of teaching practice in personal training and fitness classes.



A soldier in the Armed Forces of Malta by profession, competitive and a positive character allows him to deliver a unique & satisfying session for all clients, which involves a mixture of all sport exercises particularly targeting – Circuit/HIIT/Military style boot camp/full body combination and functional training. 

Health and fitness play a major role in his life both mentally and physically. He believes that with the right mindset you can achieve any obstacle that comes in your path… Now let’s cut the ‘talking’ and let’s start sculpting that bodies ‘soldiers’!..

Neville Mercieca

Since the tender age of 8 sports and fitness have been part of my life with waterpolo and basketball as my main sporting disciplines. After graduating in B.commerce (Hons) in Management in 2002 I continued developing my fitness skills obtaining qualifications as a fitness instructor and personal trainer in 2010. I have been helping people with their health goals ever since. I continue to be actively involved in waterpolo as one of Malta’s international waterpolo referees.
“I enjoy working out and staying active because it makes me feel alive. I compare our bodies to any machine – use it and care for it and it will keep on running for years. Leave it sitting on the side and it will rust away. Take care of your engine – your body – with exercise, good nutrition, good rest and a smile on your face!”

Olena Sammut

Olena Sammut is a certified group fitness and gym instructor. With 15+ years of teaching experience in fitness industry she has taught various fitness classes, including full body strength sessions, circuit training, dance fitness classes, interval training programmes such as Piloxing and Piloxing knockout. She also provides personalized gym training sessions that address specific clients goals, preferences and limitations into account.


Mom of 3 active boys, and a full time lecturer at Mcast, she believes that dedicating time to fitness is essential for a happy and healthy life, and believes that fitness should be fun and accessible to everyone, everywhere. 

She strives to help everyone feel welcome and, more importantly, look forward to each workout. Her goal is to help people get fit, become more confident in their own body and stay motivated on their fitness journey.

Antonella Biancho

Antonella is a certified personal trainer since 2017, however her passion for training started in 2001 at the age of eleven, where she started training with an athletics team. She continued expanding her love for fitness with gymnastics and followed by strength training back in 2014.

She discovered her love for bodybuilding and the art of sculpting and shaping a body with specific exercises and by proper nutrition. Competed in bikini fitness in 2016 where she placed 2nd overall, successfully completed her bodybuilding judging training after becoming a committee member at the Malta federation of bodybuilding and fitness in 2018. Travelled all over the world representing Malta as a delegate and judge.
She started personal training in 2017 and teaching fitness classes in 2018 to share her passion and energy to anyone who was willing to change their life, by introducing a healthier lifestyle mentality other than strict dieting and forced training.
Antonella is a construction and finishes project manager by profession; working with one of the largest construction companies in Malta also the first ever female licenced builder on the island.
In her personal life Antonella loves spending time with her family and friends, reading, snorkeling, hiking and climbing.

Louise Bondin

I’m Louise, born and raised in Sydney Australia. I arrived in Malta at the end of 2013. I took my first yoga class when I was about 18 or 19, taking classes here and there but absolutely loving the way it made me feel. I felt more in balance, in tune and grounded each time after a class. I then started to take classes more regularly but it wasn’t until 2018 that I decided to take my practice to the next level and learn how to teach and share the beauty of yoga with others. Yoga is a journey of going within, discovering deeper layers of yourself and finding that authentic connection with yourself, the divine and with nature. My yoga classes are Vinyasa style which is flowing from one posture to the next, connecting it with the breath. There will be a mixture of dynamic movements to build heat in the body as well as static holds to build strength and of course stretching to improve flexibility. Always ending with a calming relaxation at the end to integrate the body and mind. I will also be giving mobility classes, focusing more on joint mobility and stretching especially for those who do a lot of weight and physical training and tend to get quite stiff in the joints and muscles, this class is designed to give your body the “TLC” it’s screaming for! Classes will be catered to all levels no matter if you are a beginner or more experienced in yoga nor the level of your flexibility, there will be something for everyone.

Jurgen Pavanello

Introducing Jurgen Pavanello! With a penchant for functional bodyweight movements and calisthenics, he ignites each session with an infectious energy that keeps clients motivated and smiling. Specializing in high-octane routines that prioritise both form and enjoyment, Jurgen ensures every sweat session is as exhilarating as it is effective. From heart-pumping HIIT circuits to mastering the finesse of pull-ups, he’s the go-to guru for those seeking a workout that’s equal parts challenging and enjoyable. And when it comes to classic strength training, Jurgen delivers with flair, sculpting bodies and spirits alike with his signature style.

Join Jurgen Pavanello for a fitness journey that promises gains, grins, and a whole lot of good vibes!

Marcelle Gatt

Marcelle is a fitness coach and wellness enthusiast. From a young age, she showed a keen interest in sports and a passion for leading an active lifestyle. She pursued her education in Sports and Active Lifestyles at the University of Malta, where she earned her bachelor’s

After completing her education, Marcelle embarked on a journey to combine her love for fitness with her desire to help others achieve their fitness goals. She obtained certifications in exercise and fitness, personal training, spinning, Zumba, Yoga, and Pilates instruction to develop a holistic approach to wellness.

Marcelle’s career in the fitness industry took off 23 years ago, where her dynamic and
training sessions were appreciated for her expertise and for her motivational and for her supportive coaching style. Marcelle believes in tailoring fitness routines to individual needs, promoting both physical and mental well-being. Recognizing the interconnectedness of physical and mental well-being, Marcelle pursued a Master’s Degree in Human Resources and Training, University of Leicester, UK to be able to
empower individuals to achieve their fitness goals while fostering a positive and vibrant work environment.

In her personal life, Marcelle continues to challenge herself with new fitness goals, whether it is participating in running, fitness races, or exploring different forms of physical activity. Through her work, she strives to create an encouraging and inclusive fitness culture that inspires people of all backgrounds and fitness levels to embark on their own transformative journeys.

Conrad Laus

My journey into traditional martial arts began in 2005 with Chen style Taijiquan under the guidance of Yu Fei, a young master. After three years of foundational training, I ventured to Italy for a deeper immersion, spending five years with the International Taijiquan Kungfu Association. In 2016, seeking to broaden my horizons, I traveled to China to train Xingyiquan with the renowned Master Di Guoyong. This ignited a passion that led me back to China six more times for further instruction.

With the onset of Covid restrictions in 2020, my physical journeys to China were paused, but the pursuit continued. Fortunately, I found Byron Jacobs, Master Di’s most accomplished student, who established Mushin Martial Culture. Through personal training sessions with Byron, I’ve been able to continue my exploration of Xingyiquan and expand into the art of Baguazhang.